What if I only need a part of the upholstery kit? Can I purchase just certain parts?

We can however sell only certain parts of the interior as might be needed by the customer. These prices vary depending on the pieces needed. **As a side note, we do not suggest replacing only pieces of your interior because our colors while very similar to factory colors are not exact. Our leather is also going to be different in texture and so it will not be an exact match. It is always best to replace as much of the upholstery as possible so that color matching will not be much of an issue and so that you do not have a clash between old worn-out leather and brand new leather.

Are your interior kits 100% leather?

Our interior kits made by leather/vinyl combinations. Our most popular packages are the Deluxe and Premium packages which are two packages that are very similar to most factory leather interiors produced by original equipment manufacturers.

Are these complete seats?

We do not sell any of the physical seats. We only sell replacement upholstery which will replace the existing upholstery in your vehicle.

What type of leather do you use? How durable is your leather?

All our upholstery kits are manufactured from automotive grade, vat dyed, top grain leather.

How do I install your interior kit?

Our interior kits are completely sewn and ready to be installed. They can, therefore, be installed by any do-it-yourselfer or taken to a professional upholstery shop.**There are a few kits that have special plastic pieces which must be transferred from the old upholstery to the new upholstery. Any of these special needs are very minor sewing tasks and can be done locally for under $15.00 in most areas.

Can I install these myself? How hard is it to do? Will I need any special tools?

Our interior kits were designed for the do-it-yourselfer in mind so our kits are pre-sewn and ready to be installed. Installing an upholstery kit is a fairly involved process however it is definitely doable by a mechanically inclined person with a free weekend. The installation is not one that requires a lot of sweating underneath a greasy car, but can easily be done within the comfort of your house in front of the television. This process requires you to remove the seats from the vehicle and then to remove the original upholstery covers. Most people think that the covers are stitched onto the foam, but actually the covers are just attached by little metal rings, velcro, and/or plastic clips. The covers can therefore be removed without damaging them in most cases. The installation of our interior kit is the exact reverse as the removal of your factory upholstery so while you are discovering how to remove the old upholstery you are actually learning how to install the new upholstery. There are some more specific instructions on our installation section. I would describe this task as something that a fairly compitant shade tree mechanic or very determined learner should be able to complete over a weekend. Reading through these general instructions will give you a good idea of what will be involved and how hard the task will be. The instructions also list a few special tools which you MIGHT need. Most of the newer vehicles are becoming more and more simple to reupholster so your vehicle will determine which tools you will need. Please confirm this by calling or emailing to talk to a sales rep about your specific installation.

Do you send instructions with your interiors? How long will it take me to install these myself?

All of our instructions are online. It is about 2 to 4 days installation time.

I don’t feel comfortable installing the interior myself. Where can I get my new interior installed?

If you do not feel comfortable with installing the interior on your own then you can contact any local upholstery shop in your area. These shops are generally listed under the Automotive Upholstery section of your local phone directory.

How much should I pay for installation by a professional?

Installation by a professional varies quite a bit from area to area. As far as general pricing, the average professional should be able to complete a two row installation in about 6-8 hours depending on the difficulty of the interior. The rates for each shop will vary, but a good average price for installation on a two row vehicle is $400-$450. Some areas of the United States could be significantly higher than this because of the cost of living.

Is there any kind of warranty on your products?

Yes, we warrants its leather and vinyl trim interior to be free from materials, workmanship and manufacturing defects when cared for under regular maintenance in accordance with the leather maintenance guide for a period of 3 years or 36000 miles whichever is earlier.

What is your return policy?

Returns are only allowed for uninstalled interiors which are ordered in suggested factory-match colors and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Custom made interiors and/or other products are non-returnable unless specific permission is granted from the sales manager. These custom products are subject to the specified conditions applied by the sales manager at the time of the return approval. Any item which has been installed or attempted to be installed is non-returnable.

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